Welcome from Pastor Troy


     Welcome to our site! You have no idea how long we have waited to get a web site up and rolling!  (At least a site that is as much help as it is entertaining.)  As you browse around this site please check each “tab”. Our hope is that parents will find out a little about us, and your student(s), or “CAVE dweller”, as we refer to your children, will be able to brag a little about the youth group they attend.

As you check on the CAVE calendar tab you will see upcoming CAVE events as well as all the information needed for each event. Such as costs, if any; or if a “Permission form” is required.

**(You will also be able to download a permission form if you child failed to get it into your hands.)

Under the CAVE media you will find photos, videos, and even podcasts of our Crossline services, as well as other events taking place a the CAVE.

Parents, we have created a Parents Corner because we know you rarely get all the information needed from your CAVE dweller. Believe it or not we send home “INFO Sheets” filled with pertinent information, however, we constantly find those “INFO Sheets” lying on the ground or flying around our parking lot!

Our Café Rock page will have the prices of the food we serve. As well as any specials we be having at any given time.

Under P.T’s BLOG you can read Pastor Troy’s blogs and discussions which take place with the CAVE Dwellers and invites you, the parent, to interact as well.

And of course there is a CONTACT US tab where we would welcome questions and comments from all our visitors.

       So, please, take your time and enjoy the web page. We would love for you to leave any and all comments. Even suggestions as how this page might be more helpful to each and everyone who is connected with the CAVE!

Lord Bless!

Pastor Troy